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Letting go and the Groove

This weekend marked the hottest August for Ottawa in 100 years. Despite the soaring temperatures, Rebecca and I attended a gathered where we performed music to a group of over-heated yet happy attendees. As we played on, the audience grew more and more comfortable singing along until we reached a grooving tune. Like magic everyone started to rise both in voice and in body. Dancing spoke where their words fell short. In the middle of that massive heat wave, music was able to uplift everyone and propel them to move, even if their bodies would have preferred to remain motionless.  Sound healing/music making is as much stepping out of the way as it is being as fully in your body...

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A beautiful auditory environment

We so often put attention and effort into making our environment look good.  We are careful with our appearance, and how we decorate our homes.  But how often do you stop and listen to your environment?   Does it sound beautiful to you?  Sound is energy and may be affecting you more than your realize. Consider what could make your auditory environment more appealing, more relaxing, more beautiful. For instance, you could shut a door or window to block an unpleasant noise.  You could hum or sing or put on music that feels good.  You could also consider adding a sound producing item to your space that looks nice, but also has a sound that feels good to you, like a...

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We are open!

A few years ago, I ran a small online business called Canada Sound Healing Instruments. It was a 2 year project where I learned a lot about online retail and about myself. Since I stopped that project, the need for meditation and stillness has only risen.  It is with great pleasure that I, along with my partner, Rebecca, reintroduce a simple and easy way to cultivate your sacred space: Centered.  Whether you're looking for Tibetan singing bowls or something small to create some sonic calmness, we can help you.  Looking forward to helping you along your journey to inner peace.       Kevin & Rebecca

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