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Tuning Fork Set (Solfeggio Frequencies)
Tuning Fork Set (Solfeggio Frequencies)

Tuning Fork Set (Solfeggio Frequencies)

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Tuning forks are precise instruments which produce notes, plus harmonics and overtones at a specific frequency. This set of 9 forks are weighted for prolonged vibrational resonance. 

Each set of 9 comes with a felt carrying bag and two strikers. You can also use a hockey puck for a striker (not included). 

The frequencies included in this Solfeggio set are: 
174 Hz - relieves pain and stress; earth star chakra
285 Hz - heals tissues and organs; root chakra
396 Hz - eliminates fear; sacral chakra
417 Hz - wipes out negativity, facilitating change; solar plexus chakra
528 Hz - transformation and miracles, repairs DNA; heart chakra
639 Hz - brings love and compassion, connection and relationships; throat chakra
741 Hz - expression, solutions, detoxifies cells; third eye chakra
852 Hz - awakens intuition, return to spiritual order; crown chakra
963 Hz - connects to higher self; soul star chakra