Zaphir Chimes
Zaphir Chimes
Zaphir Chimes

Zaphir Chimes

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Hold the chime by its string and move it gently, a magic play of harmonics will leave you in a quiet wonder. With their relaxing and harmonizing sound, these chimes have become a wonderful tool for relaxation , yoga and meditation, Feng Shui, sound-sessions and other forms of therapy. The handy size of these instruments makes them easy to use and play. But also suspended in the doorway , of a window left opened, a slight breeze may surprise you with unexpected melodies. 

Zaphir chimes are hand made in the South French mountain ranges and come in 5 different tones: 

Crystalide (Spring) 
Sunray (Summer) 
Twilight (Fall) 
Blue Moon (Winter) 
Sufi (The Transitions)

Zaphir chimes are offered in a variety of colours that are pleasing to the eye, as much as the chime is pleasing to the ear.